Local 33 - Royal Alexandra Hospital
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- Occupational Health and Safety Committee -

OH&S forms are availble on your units. If you don't have them there, please visit the office.
You can also email us local33@una.ab.ca for the OH&S contact person for UNA Local 33.

Purpose of Occupational Health and Safety Committee:

To protect the health and safety of Employees.

To monitor working conditions and management practices to ensure safe and healthy work environments for all Employees.

To give Employees a say in the setting up and maintenance of safe and healthy worksites.

To provide a formal process that ensures that the Employer implements and monitors statutory health and safety requirements.

To provide Union representation for Employees in matters pertaining to their occupational health and safety.

To provide a systematic means of problem-solving in matters relating to the health and safety of Employees.

To provide for the resolution of disputes regarding health and safety.

OH&S highlight on 'Advocating for your own safety' from UNA's Provincial NewsBulletin, below: